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oktober 14, 2012

På rekommendation via en tjejkompis från Trädgårdsrehabiliteringen jag gick på isomras provade jag på att spå mej online. Det är gratis och går till såhär att man registrerar sej på Psychic Source, skickar några frågor man önskar svar på, skriver namn och födelsedata (ej fyra sista) på dem man vill fråga om och sedan får man svar inom 4 dagar. Jag fick svar redan dagen efter. Och såhär löd mitt svar i sin helhet (jag har censurerat mina frågor) :

Your question has
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Dear Maria,
On 10/9/2012 you requested an email reading…
The question was:
Please enjoy this answer from Psychic Source:
Maria I can see that you are a beautiful person inside and out and that you are and have been waiting on the right moment for this man to walk into your life. well guess what, you are in your world of happiness. I can see this man brings you great joy as well as enlightment. I will also tell you that your future is very bright as my guides show me a picture that is hung behind you it is very full of life and abundance. I see that there is nothing the two of you cannot accomplish with love and compromise. I do see that he is up for a promotion if he has not already received it. I also see that there is confusion around him from a family member but do not worry things will work themselves out without him compromising his household. I would also say that there are new opportunities for you as well good karma has entered into your house of good fortune and career. I would like you to light a candle in the evenings to keep that good energy around your home and your relationship. my guides tell me that by November things will look better financially as your health. I do not see anything to be cautious of or anything you need to worry about. I do see children in the future for you so prepare your body and eat right exercise and keep your regular doctor visits. I send you love and light for the good things coming to you. Blessings to you
Ranae (ext. 8288)
Psychic Source

Sedan får man väl tro på det om man vill eller inte, jag tar det som en kul grej, med en klackspark alltså.

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